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Many applications base on the original operation models of the users. So soft...

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RsForm Description

Many applications base on the original operation models of the users. So software developers have to face a great lot of multifarious bills of documents, Invoices and warrants, which need very complicated calculations, need to follow various rules and need to alter very often. Our product RsForm can easily solve these problems for you. RsForm was a Spreadsheet software to design form and sheet. RsForm can solve some problems of form application, for example: data entry/acquisition, form output and print. It includes two tools: Form Factory was a tool to design different kinds of forms, and RsForm ActiveX can be used in forms processing in the software program for the programmer. Rsform has an analog input interface without changing the real appearance of the original bills of documents and invoices and warrants. Ultimate users can be on top of the use of our products without any training. Rsform has inlaid RsScript, which supports VBScript. Developers or ultimate users can add, modify RsScript code parameters to achieve some of the arithmetic, the conversion of the capital of lowercase and the rules limit, and to optimize the system without rewrite the RsScript code. Rsform supports various data styles of the cells such as EditBox (Include Mask), Currency, ComboBox, CheckBox(Include Radio), Button and Picture. Rsform can scan the real bills, forms or lists and changes them into TBL files. Rsform has the print function of alterable scale and offset. Rsform has an integrated further-empolder platform, which offers design tools of Form Factory and comprehensive help files online. Rsform has non-range concept data core. Rsform offers templates of sample TBL files and source codes of VB/Delphi samples. Rsform supports expoldering with VB, VC, Delphi, PowerBuilder. Rsform supports all kinds of alignments and tiled background images.

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What's New in RsForm 2.4

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RsForm Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows 2000, 98

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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